Question 1: Critical Goals

What do you feel are the most critical goals for improving the Oddie Blvd./Wells Ave. Corridor?


4 Responses to Question 1: Critical Goals

  1. Scott carey says:

    1) Provide opportunities for economic development along the corridor.
    2) Create a uniform signage or way finding theme along the corridor.
    3) Increase transit and multi-modal accessibility throughout the corridor.
    4) Preserve and enhance cultural resources and historic structures along the corridor.
    5) Provide better lighting and pedestrian access along the corridor.

  2. Jess says:

    The critical goals for improving this corridor are providing a safe and legal way for both pedestrians and bicyclists to traverse from Reno to Sparks and back. There are stretches of Oddie, (specifically, west of the 395 exchange and east of Sullivan) that have no sidewalks and little maintenance. The road would greatly benefit from a bikelane, as this thoroughfare is a main commuter route for cyclists, who currently ride a road with few lights, no shoulder, and no right of way.

  3. The critical goal is to create a complete street where cyclist, pedestrians and motorist can all travel safely.

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