Corridor Study Report [Draft]

The Oddie-Wells Corridor Study [Draft, January 18th, 2013) is being made available for download here:

Oddie-Wells Corridor Study Draft Report, Jan 18 2013


Work in Progress

To date, the project team has completed a walking audit of Oddie Blvd and Wells Avenue.  Data from these audits is currently being tabulated and populated into project mapping.  A Technical Advisory Committee has been developed and will meet monthly.

Upcoming Efforts

In late January, the project team conducted bicycle, pedestrian, and wheelchair counts at numerous locations throughout the corridor.  This information will be valuable in future testing of multi-modal alternatives for the corridor.  The project team will be conducting driving audits and interviews with the staff members from City of Sparks and City of Reno Redevelopment Agencies in early August.  These interviews will assist the team in developing future case land use scenarios for use in testing transportation alternatives.

The date of the Open House will be added to the Calendar Page soon.